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Another Q re: fx

Postby mister » 04:58, 9 February 2010


Thanks for the cool forum!

I have a(nother) question about Roland SC.

As I look at the Editor program I find quite an interesting array of sound shaping abilities, however I'll save that for a later post.

My question today is:

It would seem that chorus & reverb is a built in effect that any part can be sent to, as are MFX 1,2,3, however in the latter case, those effects must be assigned, eg you determine what each MFX is and then via a matrix send the signal to it, ie., output, so in other words it can be used inline or via an auxillary send type setup.

Could someome please tell me if this is correct?

In addition there seems to be 2 input effects, more "preset" kind of thing but also can allow pre/post send to the chorus/reverb.

Also, there are finalizing type effects availble such as graphic eq, and multiband compression which is both interesting and handy, especially for USB audio.

Thank you
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