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Postby mister » 07:45, 9 February 2010


I'm looking at the software and I'd like to know if anyone here could tell me, since Roland Corporation are having difficulties with the latter (plugin) software, would it be possible to instantiate the standalone application on one machine and use it via midi, and leave the USB for the "local" machine?

In other words, can it take two streams of MIDI at the same time independently, one for command &/or control, and one for note on/off etc., using realtime controllers?

If that would be possible, then I guess the VST might not matter so much as you can save as smf (sysex) and proprietary files.

I have a Yamaha GO44 and I was concerned about its' future but found out later that I can control it via XP, and use the digital i/o on another computer, which saved the day as they are excellent converters.

Hope someone can help.

Many regards
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