1/4" Plug Stuck in XLR Combo Jack

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1/4" Plug Stuck in XLR Combo Jack

Postby RD+Soniccell » 03:34, 13 April 2010

Beware plugging a 1/4" jack in the combo XLR mic input on the back of the soniccell. I had one stuck in my mic input for about a month now. I was brave tonight, got it out, but ... not for the novice around electronics. Had to remove 16+ screws, ground clips, circuit board and ribbon connectors, shields, etc. Sorry, no picture (I was in panic mode, just hoping the thing worked when I got it back together).

I read a post about this happening to Fantom-G owners also (they put up pictures of the jack, looks the same on the soniccell).
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Re: 1/4" Plug Stuck in XLR Combo Jack

Postby javaj_ » 23:47, 14 April 2010

I think this is a common issue. I also have tough times removing 1/4" plugs- it seems the spring leads inside are bent in such a way as to catch easy on various plug designs. Of course, one could say this was designed for live use so you don't go and kick out your cables- but man- I would rather have the cable fly out of the SC then the SC turning into Superman.

I really like the idea of a maglock cable connector- too bad they are sooo expensive.
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