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Sonic Cell and Pro Tools 8.0.1

Postby martincoltrane » 21:48, 2 May 2010


I encounter difficulties when trying to use the SC under Pro tools via SC editor.

I have a Dell PC with Windows 7, updated drivers for the SC are correctly installed, as well as SC Editor 1.20. I followed the step-by-step procedure as described in the document provided with SC Editor 1.20 (with a MIDI interface).

For the moment, I don't want to use a keyboard (i.e controller), I just want to be able to use my SC as a sound bank in order to change the sounds of my Midi Files.

The problem is that I get no sound when I play my Midi files, even when I dedicate a specific Instrument track to the SC. SC Editor is launched correctly when I chose the Sonic Cell plugin, but It seems no Midi signal is sent to the SC. I mention I tried ticking and unticking the option "USB Midi Through" in PT and SC.

When I change my Plugin in the instrument track, I can at last get sound, but not from my SC!!

Can anyone help me? I've spent more than a week trying to find desperatly a solution... I saw the video by Mike Acosta, but it didn't help me very much.


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