Using SD-50 or Soniccell as only midifileplayer

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Using SD-50 or Soniccell as only midifileplayer

Postby HansT » 10:38, 8 June 2010

I have an old (and still working good) MC-80 today and need something to use as a hardware midifileplayer. I'm a drummer and not confortable with using pc's in live performance situations (with mousepointer and a lot of keyboardknots that could be accidentally pressed during a livegig).

So I'm looking for something simple, just woking with minimum risk for crash, and with easy access to mifileplaylist, play, stop and rew buttons.
They don't make these things anymore, I know.

But I'm considering replacing my MC-80 in live situations with the Roland Soniccell og Cakewalk sd-50 for midifileplayback to my Fantom Xr sound module.

So my question is:
Does anyone know if these two modules transmitts midi performance data one the midi output, so I can use an external soundmodule for the sounds, or can only their internal sound engine be used for playing back midifiles?
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Re: Using SD-50 or Soniccell as only midifileplayer

Postby billyibanez » 20:39, 3 October 2010

more than half of asian musician uses a free program called Van basco midi player. its time to change to laptop bro. once u insnstalled soni cell driver or whatever , it will play fine. cakewalk or sonar is the best program that u can use. to make a song on Mc 80 or 50 will takes like 6 hrs. cakewalk, once mastered, takes 2hrs. i went thru the transition from Mc to pc which is very hard(to understand the lingo.) now i don't even need a song book. i uses 2 5inchs thick songbook before. good luck and have faith.
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Re: Using SD-50 or Soniccell as only midifileplayer

Postby rcraven » 06:11, 9 October 2010

this might be a better alternative for you.
Roland Mobile Sound Canvas.
It is a cut down Sonic Cell

Will play both Midi and Audio (wave, MP3 etc). You can change key and tempo. Not something the SC can easily do as far as I know.
It will run off a power supply or batteries

Like the SC it plays from a USB memory drive.

Quite a lot of sounds but as far as I know you can't change them very much unlike the SC.

Like the SC, if you do upgrade to a laptop it will act as your USB Audio card and Midi interface

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Re: Using SD-50 or Soniccell as only midifileplayer

Postby mangoband » 05:31, 29 October 2010

I would like to replace my MC-80 with a SD-50.....
...I have 2 Questions about SD-50 .....
1.. Does it have a Measure counter like the MC-80...
2.. Can it Repeat like the MC-80.
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