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My first SonicCell problem -

Postby comradec » 02:36, 11 September 2010

I seem to have run into a regular issue with the SonicCell.

Looking through this forum's archive, however, I see that, although the problem has been raised previously, none of those threads appear to have ended with a solution being discovered.

Anyway, I'm trying to use my SonicCell with Ableton Live 8. I have followed the instructions in the main manual and the DAW, audio interface and Ableton Live workshops very carefully.

Whenever I try to select a patch on the SonicCell from within Ableton Live 8 using the Editor VST, however, the program freezes and a box pops up saying "Unable to read/write data".

Some of the threads discussing this previously suggesting disconnecting all other USB equipment, but this cannot be serious, surely, as Ableton Live is intended offer connectivity to multiple USB devices, including control surfaces and, of course, standard keyboard instruments. I use an Akai APC40 and a Frontier Design TranzPort with Ableton Live, and have a couple of MIDI keyboards, including my Fantom-G, connected to my computer via USB too. There has never been an issue around having multiple controllers so long as I stay within the 10 devices limit imposed by Microsoft Windows.

That question aside, though, I still get the "Unable to read/write data" message even when every other MIDI/USB device has been disconnected.

Can anyone advise on a solution to this issue?
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