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some questions about soniccell

Postby zzzxtreme » 05:09, 18 March 2011

hello, I've thought of getting an old JV1080 and two 49-key keyboards , instead of having to carry my 2 heavy korgs for gigging/jamming.

possible candidates for the keyboards are casio CZ101 and/or Yamaha DX100. Love the smallish size.

well, anyway, i've owned sound module racks in the past and I don't think they can provide the ease of access like a sound module tabletop like the soniccell. just place it on top of a keyboard. easy. the JV1080 is huge. even a 1U Rack like XR is huge enough. any thoughts?

2) and about the performance mode, can it split parts by velocity other than key range?

3) does the sonic cell have all the sounds of XP80 and D50 (minus the LA synthesis of course) ?

4) Is it a good deal at usd$500 ?

thanks in advance
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Re: some questions about soniccell

Postby voodooblues » 18:19, 18 March 2011


2) Do you mean that different part will play depending how hard you press the keys? Yes, you can do that

3) No idea

4) I would say it's a good deal. I bought mine (new) for 550e (maybe 600usd) and I'm very happy with it :)
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Re: some questions about soniccell

Postby PauloF » 07:35, 19 March 2011

3) No it does not have all, but some of them yes (both XP80 and D-50), and you can always load more sounds from external libraries.

4) I think it is a fair deal, depending on how it was used (smoke/pet/dust free, etc). I'm selling mine in perfect condition with original box, manuals, CDs for € 350.
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