Assigning controlers to specific commands

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Assigning controlers to specific commands

Postby jerkijer » 07:05, 10 October 2012

Anyone have a comprehensive way of explaining how to assign control knobs to specific commands on the SC ? How assignable is the SC ? I mean advanced controls, like reverbe control or delay dry/wet for example .. not just your regular volume, modulation, controls.. I got that working fine ..
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Re: Assigning controlers to specific commands

Postby rcraven » 01:18, 11 October 2012

There are a couple of ways of doing things like this.
There are four system (read global) controllers that you can assign to a CC message type.
You do this in the COMMON & MASTERING area of the editor.
So if you have a breath controller (Continuous Controller 2) you could assign system control 3 to CC2.

In the patch/performance you can then assign the System Control to control different parameters in the MATRIX CONTROL including reverb and chorus send.

Also, in the patch/performance you can assign it to control parameters of the MFX (effects units)

Just to confuse you, you will see that you can do the same thing a number of ways.
For instance you don't have to make System Control = CC2 as you can assign CC2 directly in the Maxtix and in the MFX area.

As well as this you can control virtually all the parameters via sysex messages, but it is a little more complicated and it will depend on the controlling hardware you want to use. I have great success with the Behringer BCR2000.

So try the CC messages and if you can't get the control you want go to the sysex route.

All the best
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