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SC weird problem under Win8

Postby compusic » 03:39, 6 September 2014

Hi, I have a SC as hardware sound module, but just begin to use it as my Win8 system's default sound card, and it becomes my headache.

At first whenever I play videos, either play videos on local hard disks using stand-alone software players or play online videos in web browsers , after some time suddenly there's no audio output, and at the same time there's even high-pitched howling most of the times. The synth engine and effect engine are still working. Changing settings can't solve the problem, I have to turn off SC and power on again to let it output audio normally, just as a system's sound card should do.

I have installed the latest driver, have checked all the possible settings, such as buffer, sampling rate, system performance setting, etc. The problem still exist.

And I have done more tests the below is what I have found.

If howling accurs (at the same time there's no normal audio output), just closing the software player or web browers will stop the howling, and then restart video playback, the audio is output correctly.

I even found that when howling occurs, just waite without doing anything ( the video player is still running), some time later the howling will stop and normal audio output also comes back.

It seems there's no regular pattern of the howling occurences. Some times after 3 to 5 minutes of normal playback, the howling will occur, and some times only a few seconds of normal playback.

BTW, more than one time I have the SC stand-alone editor running while the howling occurs. Closing the software player or web browers won't stop the howling. Only after I close the SC stand-alone editor, the howling will stop.

And another problem is some times there's no sound suddenly ( no howling, definitely silence). Now closing software player or web browers can't solve the problem. Even waiting has no miracle. I have to unplug the USB cable from the computer (without turning off SC), then reconnect the USB cable, now restart video playback, the audio is output correctly.

And one more info. Some times (not always) the audio output has clicks, pops or even drop-out, kind of like typical overloading of system. But I have kept the task manager's window on screen, and the system is far from overloading.

Horribly weird! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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