How does the Sympathetic Resonance Parameter work?

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How does the Sympathetic Resonance Parameter work?

Postby Lazerlike42 » 23:07, 22 April 2015

In the RD-800, this parameter controls damper resonance. With it on, the pianos will produce damper resonance when played with the pedal depressed but not with the pedal up. There is an option to increase the depth of the effect, so that holding the pedal down will produce a stronger resonance.

This all makes sense.

However, the second option under sympathetic resonance is called "Damper," and is defaulted to zero (it goes from 0 - 127). I am not entirely clear on what this does, and the manual's description isn't too much help. It says, "Depth to which the damper pedal is pressed (controls the resonant sound)." What on earth does this mean? I can think of a few possibilities:

1) The setting adds simulates pressing a real damper to different degrees. For example, when the set to 127, it pressing the foot pedal will produce resonance as if you pushed a real damper pedal down further than setting it to 63. This seems unlikely since it's default is zero and it produces resonance at that level.

2) The setting sets a "permanent" level of damper depression so that you will have resonance even if the pedal isn't depressed. This seems unlikely because there is also an option called Damper Offset which does basically the same thing.

3) The setting determines how far you must press a continuous foot controller down before it counts as dampering, or sets the point at which a continuous foot control is full/half pedaling.

Noe of these really make much sense. Interestingly, the FA-08/06 also have the same effect with the same options as one of it's insert effects, but the pedal does not trigger any damper resonance. All it does in the FA-08 is work like my possibility #2 here: if you set it to zero you have no damper resonance, pedal down or up, and if you set it to 127, you have a lot of damper resonance permanently, whether the pedal is down or up. On the FA-08 it stinks because it means you can't get damper resonance by using the pedal and so it's usefulness as a digital piano is severely hampered.

On the RD-800, the Sympathetic Resonance setting certainly seems to control damper resonance, but the pedal does work whereas this "Damper" option seems to do nothing.

Does anyone know what it actually does?
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Re: How does the Sympathetic Resonance Parameter work?

Postby thiagotgc » 02:19, 6 August 2016

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