RD-300NX: Changing parts sounds

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RD-300NX: Changing parts sounds

Postby vonmag » 21:16, 13 February 2016

I have a question about my brand new RD-300NX, and since there is no forum for that model, I figure this forum comes closest.

Anyway, the piano is supposed to be multi timbral (16 parts) but how do I change the sounds for parts 4-16?
1-3 is easy, its just the matching layers, but I can't find a menu to change the rest. And the manual has no mention of how to change them.

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Re: RD-300NX: Changing parts sounds

Postby bgiles » 22:34, 21 February 2016

Hello vonmag
On the RD-800, parts 5~16 can only be selected by an external MIDI device.
I'm sure the same applies to the RD-300NX
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