RD 800 transpose problem

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RD 800 transpose problem

Postby Pauloctavian19 » 22:37, 8 March 2016

Hello. I have a problem with my new RD 800. When i play and change the sounds, the transpose buton lights up from nowhere and transpose the keyboard with +12 semitons. Has someting like this happened to you?
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Re: RD 800 transpose problem

Postby boomish » 09:06, 22 May 2016

Yes we had exactly this problem with an RD-800 during a live show!! I had to hire in another keyboard.
I spoke to Roland who advised me took for any loose switches etc but when myself & an electronics had a look inside it seemed to be ok, all circuits are integrated so little to see if anything had come loose.
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Re: RD 800 transpose problem

Postby Benjo26 » 11:57, 23 September 2016

I had this problem a lot when I first got the instrument.

One way this can happen is if you unintentionally hit one of the S1 / S2 buttons on the left end of the keyboard. By default these buttons are set to transpose -12 / +12 respectively.

I have never found this helpful so chose to deactivate that function.
Live Set Edit > S1/S2 > S1 Func: ---: OFF; Same for S2; Write Live Set using button on right of keyboard.
Then Menu > System > S1/S2 Mode: Remain

This will deactivate the buttons as long as (A) you don't change system settings and (B) you don't change live set file and (C) you don't change live set S1/S2 assignments.
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Re: RD 800 transpose problem

Postby PedalPred » 23:29, 20 April 2017

Hey folks,

since half a year I'm a proud owner of the rd-800 and far from having discovered the big amount of possibilities this instrument delivers.

Within these 6 months, I have encountered weird issues with the behaviour of the transpose function/button twice:

1) During a session and while playing, the transpose button did activate without me pressing it, causing to take the note immediately pressed afterwards to calculate the transpose functionality. This choatic behaviour occured only that day and couldn't be reproduced ever since.

2) In the middle of some merry singalong session, when I used "transpose: +5" because of mismatching sheet material, the transpose would go up in octave steps until "+41", when I pressed the next few keys. Every try to set it back to "+5" resulted in the same behaviour: Set it to "+5" by holding the transpose key and press the corresponding "F" key, then play some notes (not necessarily that F, just anything) and watch the transpose go up to +17/+29/+41. Even a quick reboot didn't change that behaviour. When I tried to reproduce this some days later, everything worked fine as intended, no problems with transpose at all.

The weird thing is, that in both cases I could neither think of any (rather hidden) features nor me accidentally activating them. As a result, I really fear the unpredictability of the transpose button, since it can destroy a whole gig and finally make my rd-800 a really unreliable dp.

Perhaps, someone of you has experienced a same situation or is able to enlight my incapabilty with some helpful advice. Thanks in advance!
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