HELP! stage volume problem w RD800

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HELP! stage volume problem w RD800

Postby robco55 » 16:32, 7 October 2016

Can anyone help me? For starters the RD800 has a master volume KNOB as opposed to the RD700, which had a SLIDER. The slider was much easier to use on stage. So to solve that little problem, I got a volume pedal. I went through the whole tedious process of programming it into all of my live sets. But I soon discovered a HUGE glitch in the engineering of the RD800: there is NO global setting for a volume pedal to control the master volume. It only controls the individual voices and as such, as soon as you use it, your live set mix is totally shot to hell. I've called CA on this and they were very little help, with really no explanation of why this keyboard was engineered like this, and their solution was a convoluted system of keyboard to small mixer to volume pedal to direct box to stage monitor and PA. Yeah, let's multiply the things that could possibly go wrong on stage by 10...great idea. YUCK!! Is no one else encountering this problem? I don't see it among the topics.
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