Setting midi data as part of a SETUP

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Setting midi data as part of a SETUP

Postby Fillipo » 21:07, 6 November 2016

Hi, I use a Roland RD-700SX as my mother keyboard. From this I change the patches on a YAMAHA MOX6 which sets up both keyboards with the correct sounds for quick live setups. I often find that I would like the MOX6 to be in a different octave when I play it and it would be really useful to have it change octave as well as the voice. I can set a transpose parameter on the RD-700 (via its TRA setting in its EXTERNAL ZONE) but this only changes the MOX6 when played via the RD-700. I wonder if there is some midi instruction that can be sent to set the octave on the MOX6 so that I don't need to press the OCTAVE button on the MOX6 as I am playing.

Sorry if that sounds a bit confusing!
Thanks for any help!
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