RD800 - distortion on certain sounds and certain keys

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RD800 - distortion on certain sounds and certain keys

Postby digitalscreams » 22:43, 20 December 2016

Hi all

I'm a relatively new user of the RD800

I have noticed something a little worrying. I'm finding certain piano patches appear to be distorting when playing dense chords at higher volumes. But even when I check the levels and turn everything down the distortion is still there. All effects switched off and all levels set appropriately. I'm wondering whether this is a flaw in the sample or whether there is some internal clipping going on that I cannot overcome

Select patch 1 'Concert Grand' and play some dense chords in the middle of the keyboard. Listen closely - do you hear that lovely gritty shitty sound. I do.

Do the same thing with patch 386 (silky way). Play some dense chords - you hear it any distortion? I do.

Someone mentioned in another thread that on some sounds - certain keys give out a strange overtone. I've noticed this on some of the piano sounds - where I get a weird sound that doesn't seem to fit the keys next to it - a strange artefact in the tone. Like some kind of metallic resonances. Its not particularly nice to my ears. Aggrevating once you notice it....because that's all you tend to hear when you play

Has anyone else experienced these sorts of issues?

I'm really hoping my new Adam A7X speakers aren't faulty. I suspect its an RD800 issue...

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