RD-800 Clock Output?

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RD-800 Clock Output?

Postby andysmi » 03:42, 12 May 2017

I have my RD-800 connected to my MOTU Midi Express, and the activity light is constantly flashing, as if it's outputting midi or MTC or something. I went into the RD-800 'System' menu and verified that 'Clock Out' is off. The manual says this turns off MIDI 'Synchronization Messages', but the light keeps flashing even when this is off.

I don't know of anything else to check - anyone have any ideas? Seems pointless to have it constantly spewing these messages when I don't need them.

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Re: RD-800 Clock Output?

Postby torhus » 00:17, 13 May 2017

I only have an RD-700NX, but have you tried checking what those messages actually are? There are MIDI event viewers, like MIDI-OX for Windows.

The obvious first steps would be to remove the MIDI cable, try with another keyboard, check MOTU Midi Express documentation, etc. But I assume you have done those.
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Re: RD-800 Clock Output?

Postby Karl Schmeer » 06:02, 15 May 2017

I just tried this w/ my RD800 and MOTU MTP-AV. And your right, I get a " data present" flashing LED.
I made sure midi clock was set to off.
I have been just controlling a synth or two with my RD , and this is the first time I plugged into a midi
patch box. I have no idea what the mystery data is, but I have used my RD for recording sequences as well as playing with lots of outgoing cc data, and have had no problems with data overruns.
One possibility: Yamaha had something like this on many of their synths. It was a kind off test byte which looped back through the midi in, and signaled the keyboard that a midi cable/system was attached to it.
I remember this caused me some headaches back in the day, but the RD has worked great for me.
Karl Schmeer
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Re: RD-800 Clock Output?

Postby andysmi » 15:22, 15 May 2017

Ok thanks for checking that out, Karl. Yeah it's not causing me any problems (other than the annoyance of seeing it flash continually), but just figured it would be nice to get rid of any unnecessary traffic. Guess it's not doing any harm though.

Thanks again!

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