RD800 piano and Pad edits - How?

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RD800 piano and Pad edits - How?

Postby rwp57 » 12:21, 21 July 2017

I’m asking the same question of both the RD800 and RD2000 so am posting in both places.

I have admired the piano sound of the RD800 when heard at various events and now have been able to borrow one.
I’m thinking of getting one – or the RD2000.

Just so you know I have previously owned Yamaha gear – P200, S90XS and CP5 so far.

Each manufacturer has different ways of doing things, and some provide facilities that others don’t – I’m aware of that.

Having said that, there are some things that I would want to do on the RD800 that I can’t so far work out how to do:-

Can anyone help?

1/ Reduce the change in dynamic character of the piano as you play soft to hard.
- The default concert grand is like starting off with a Soft pedal Bluthner at the soft end and ending up with the brightest Yamaha (acoustic) at the hard end. The other sounds, though different all have a similar character
- I’d like to start less mellow and end up much less bright – how to edit to do this (without losing the range of touch)?
- I’m aware of and have explored Piano designer but I can’t quite get it to do what I want – I may not be doing the right things

2/ Increase the decay of the piano – amazingly, this parameter doesn’t seem to be available for pianos

3/ Add decay to a pad (ie decays while note is held down or pedal depressed)

4/ Edit pads to start quick or slow

5/ Edit pads to decay more quickly when the key or pedal is released

I have done all these successfully on the S90XS… but the piano sound here is not good!

If not on the RD800, what about the RD2000

Many thanks!
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