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Re: Memory Full Error

Postby viperwolf » 14:37, 1 April 2016

Thank you guys for the help and info. I did the reset and everything that was suggested, Now im working on another song. I will see if it cleared things up when i get around 3 mins in.
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Re: Memory Full Error - saving song

Postby micwells » 03:32, 28 March 2017

thanx to Quinnx!!! i was getting this problem too worked for hours on a song .. then got memory full error when i tried to save although project was on the usb drive, etc etc i did this:

When you get MEMORY FULL when trying to save to USB,
Open Device manager/Sound video game controlers
right click on FantomG and choose Disable (or just unplug the usb cable)
Try save to USB once more and it should work with no error.

And it worked thanks!
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