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Flashing Blue Screen

Postby patrick1111 » 03:23, 9 November 2017

Ok, so I understand how to fix this problem by formatting a USB drive and doing a 1.5 update, BUT the other day I turned on my Fantom G8 and automatically a flashing blue screen with [S/W updator] (B)was on the screen. This happens every time I power on the FG8. Since I don't have a formatted USB drive to stick into the memory slot in order to do a factory reset and a 1.5 update, how can I fix this issue if every time it boots up like this?

I've tried pressing several buttons as suggested from other forums to power on in a factory/diagnostic mode but no luck. Not sure what to do. I've seen a few posts with this similar issue, but I can't get past this blue screen at all? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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