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Fantom-G software updates

Postby Artemiy » 18:02, 5 June 2008

How to check your system version

Press MENU, F2 System, F4 Info and select the Version Info screen: the operating system version will be displayed.

Latest update:

1.50 (April 2010)


Before updating:

- Make sure you've backed up all important data from both the internal memory and the USB drive.
- We also recommend that you perform the Factory Reset procedure to clean the contents of the internal memory to prevent it's corruption that may lead to Fantom-G being not able to boot.

How to install:

- Unpack the archive and copy the .bin files onto a USB drive.
- Power the Fantom-G off.
- Insert the USB drive into the Fantom-G.
- Power it on, the update process will start automatically. Do not switch the power off under any circumstances!
- Wait until the screen reads "Completed".
- Power the Fantom-G off.
- Remove the USB drive.
- Power the Fantom-G on.
- Make sure to delete the update files from the USB drive.

Editor and Librarian updates:

The download includes Editor version 1.20 and Librarian version 1.30.

Mac OS X: FantomG_Editor_v120.dmg
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