Blue Screen - Roland Fantom (S/W updator) (B) message

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Blue Screen - Roland Fantom (S/W updator) (B) message

Postby StEv0 » 23:44, 15 February 2013

Hey everyone,

Long time, no speak. Is anyone still on this forum or have we all bought a Korg Kronos... ;-)

Anyway, I had the blue screen on power up issue earlier today with the message Roland Fantom (S/W updator) (B) showing and the keyboard wouldn't do a damn thing.

In case anyone else gets this problem, I have finally resolved it by doing a factory reset and then copying the ver 1.5 update (thanks Artemiy) onto a (Fantom-G) formatted USB stick and rebooting. The FG installed the software update over the top of the existing 1.5 software already installed and then started functioning properly again.

I also think that the problem was caused by me switching on the FG and then almost immediately booting my PC (the FG and PC are connected with the USB cable). Don't know if it managed to somehow spike down the USB line and corrupt the boot file on the FG or something but it certainly was no coincidence.
For the record, I have also experienced slow boot times of my PC if I switch on the FG before switching on the PC. I normally do the PC first and then the FG but I was in a hurry earlier and made an arse of my boot up sequence. Ended up costing me hours of my time...

Anyway, just thought it may be handy for future reference to share my (horrible) experience.


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Re: Blue Screen - Roland Fantom (S/W updator) (B) message

Postby patrick1111 » 21:29, 1 August 2017

Hey Stevo, I've been searching all over the internet to find a solution to this and came across your post. It's been incredibly helpful, but I'm having trouble resetting to factory settings. How do you reset to factory settings from the blue screen? I've tried turning on power button while holding the 'write' button and no luck.

Is there some way to boot up in a diagnostic mode in order to reset to factory settings?

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Re: Blue Screen - Roland Fantom (S/W updator) (B) message

Postby ScottLoiselle » 22:16, 2 August 2017

TBH I've found that keeping the USB connected causes various weirdness at various times, so I always leave it unplugged unless I'm using it at that moment. I really like the FG and very much wish Roland had stuck with it a bit longer to fix bugs and add some more features.

Am I the only that _can't_ believe they didn't implement crossfade looping (especially given how good it is on the 700 series)?
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