The fantom and integra 7

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The fantom and integra 7

Postby BlackMaskAttacks » 17:21, 26 October 2016

For the moment i have connected a Yamaha synth to my Fantom. I can use one external midi channel When i record the yamaha in to ny fantom. Fine with that. I have thoughts of buying the integra. If you connect the integra to the fantom can you use all of the external midi channels If you record sounds from the integra or what?
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Re: The fantom and integra 7

Postby Mystic38 » 12:55, 4 November 2016

The integra 7 is a 16 part synth and supports 16 channels.. This does not mean that each part must be on a different channel, so just like how in the fantom you can create splits and layers from the keyboard, you can do the same on the integra 7 and so have several parts responding to one midi channel.

You can of course use all 16 external channels from the fantom g to control directly the 16 parts of the integra 7, each on their own channel . If you a recording audio into the fantom g, you may wish to record one track of the integra 7 at the time as fantom can only record multi track midi, not audio.
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