Studio reseted when load a song

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Studio reseted when load a song

Postby Alecio_Vitiello » 23:11, 21 July 2017

Sometimes when a load a song the sutdio is reseted (only pianos playing). Does anyone know why this happen? Later, when I load the same song again the studio is alrigh with the patches I had chosen. Strangely, one of the songs that I was using a Studio Preset (Orchestra) now only load with the pianos!
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Re: Studio reseted when load a song

Postby BlackMaskAttacks » 09:21, 26 July 2017

Are you sure about this? The studio should be saved with the song. Allways. One thing that I know will happen is If you are in studio mode with a song you made. If you leave studio mode and go to live mode for example and then go back to studio mode all the things you made in the studio is vanished.
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