Why is Jdxi louder and punchier than Fantom x?

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Why is Jdxi louder and punchier than Fantom x?

Postby Keys2keys » 13:41, 17 October 2017

I've had both side by side and the presets on the Jdxi are noticeably louder and punchier than the x... Especially the drums, which make for a much more inspiring experience. Just curious as to why...is it the dac? the synth structure as opposed to the pcm based nature of the Fantom x? Updated waveforms?

I've always found the Fantom x thin and lacking in the low mids and bass as compared to other keyboards I use in my setup. And honestly wondered if there was something wrong with my unit which I bought new over ten years ago. However, I find the same with many keyboards of the past ten to fifteen years especially romplers. Maybe someone with more of a technical background can shed some light on the science behind this.
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