Sustain problem

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Sustain problem

Postby Xcited » 12:05, 5 November 2017

I've noticed that my sustain is intermittent. I got a new pedal so I know it's not that. It does it on all my pedals. Is there any solution to repair this? Thanks.
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Re: Sustain problem

Postby Credo » 20:46, 13 January 2018

Depending on your main MIDI controller, you may well be able to force your keyboard (through its internal settings) to flip things around in the right order for the pedal. Also, some pedals have a polarity switch on them that you can trip that'll force it to work the other way.

If you are working with a Fantom X, then there's probably a setting that will allow you to flip things so it'll work with different type pedals. If you are using one of the Fantoms that doesn't have a built in keyboard (such as an XR) then read on.

As for 'testing' to see exactly what your keyboard/pedal combo sends, you could use something like MIDI OX (If you are on a Windows PC) or SNOIZE (For Macs) to see exactly what your pedal is sending.

It should send CC64, 127 when stomped down, and CC64,0 when let up. If you are getting the inverse, check your keyboard's manual to see if it offers a way to invert it. If not, then you'll need a different pedal, or to correct it in software.

It is 'possible' to invert how a given patch will interpret the CC64 event in the XR itself on a patch by patch basis. It'd be a pretty big job to swap that for everything in the XR though....

I've got an AKAI MPK2 that when matched up with my Yamaha pedal sends an inverted CC64 signal. This particular pedal is set up so the switch is 'closed' when at rest, and 'open' when I stomp it.

Sadly my MPK2 can't correct this with its own firmware if I have it plugged into one of the two 'stomp on/off' pedal ports. I've either got to buy a pedal that is wired with a different kind of switch, or flip the event before it goes out to my XR.

Alternatively, I could plug it into the continuous pedal controller port, which the MPK2 firmware will let me 'invert'. I rarely do this though since I also have a Yamaha CC pedal I like to plug in there.

In my case, I use a global transformer when using CuBase to correct this. If I'm using Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore, or Finale (Essentially any DAW that doesn't have a way to transform MIDI in real time) I pipe things through Bome Translator and a Virtual MIDI port (loopMIDI For PC, Core Audio For Mac) to flip CC64 before running it into the DAW.
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