Fantom XR 2.0 update available?

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Re: Fantom XR 2.0 update available?

Postby batak » 15:34, 5 February 2015

May i just join the long line searching for Fantom XR 2.0 update kit.
Mine is 1.03 and none of the Roland retailers has it in my neighbourhood.
If You can help, please contact me (batak @ open. telekom. rs)
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Re: Fantom XR 2.0 update available?

Postby » 01:07, 14 August 2015

Roland is stupid as always in regards to its customers why don't they release the update for free as the product is discounted now :/
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Re: Fantom XR 2.0 update available?

Postby BadWolf » 17:08, 18 January 2017

Does anyone currently have one of these cards available to borrow/purchase? I need to upgrade my Fantom XR.

I understand that these cards have a copy protection on them, contributing to their scarcity. Honestly I don't know why they're so scarce if they are only used once and you don't need them after that!

If I ever get my hands on one of these, I *will* crack whatever copy protection is on them and will distribute them to the world! *Shame on Roland* for making a simple OS upgrade so difficult!
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