Fantom X Frequently Asked Questions

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Fantom X Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Andy Keys » 10:45, 28 March 2011

Hi all,

If you're new to the Fantom X, the forum, or just can't remember how to do something, please check out the
Fantom X Frequently Asked Questions page here:

There are other materials relating to the Fantom X on the Roland Clan library page, here:

Oh, and there are the official Roland Fantom X docs (manuals, workshop books, drivers etc) here at
Fantom | S | S88 | X6 | X7 | X8 | Xa | XR
Check the "Support" tab, too. There are more goodies there.

As they are all discontinued, I'd get the stuff now. There's no guarantee how long they will be there for.

Happy faces all round!
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Re: Fantom X Frequently Asked Questions

Postby keysmach1 » 16:12, 6 October 2011

I am an accomplished keyb/voc/perc./arrang. need techie help to manipulate this Fantom x8 slowly/methodically, specifically sequencing/rec.&transfer to make a cd/prog.file for gigs. Please help me find the instruction because the manual is somewhat useless as always.
Thanks very much,
Dave Miller

PS- I see there is an instruction DVD for Fantom X out. Do you know if this is actually helpful?
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