Fantom X as a groovebox

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Fantom X as a groovebox

Postby eamusik2008 » 03:19, 24 February 2017


I was wondering is it possible to use fantom x6 like a groovebox? For example, I create patterns in the sequencer. Then i hook it up to an external keyboard with a sequencer and everytime I press play on that sequencer the pattern plays from the fantom. Is there a way to do this with only the pattern getting synched with my external keyboard. In other words, all the other notes I play on my keyboard and buttons I press does not affect the fantom. Thanks Friends
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Re: Fantom X as a groovebox

Postby gcoudert67 » 21:40, 24 February 2017

You can connect them via MIDI making sure that the send and receive channels are different. You can then sync them via MMC. I have two Fantoms and run the sequencers in sync that way. It's a bit fiddly but it works.
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