Control Pedal to Morph between Two Sounds

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Control Pedal to Morph between Two Sounds

Postby Andy Keys » 22:23, 27 February 2017

Hi all,
I'm trying to work out a way to set up the Control Pedal to morph between two sounds.

I've got a Patch programmed where Tones 1 & 2 make up sound A and tones 3 & 4 make up sound B.

On the Alesis QSR I would set the control pedal to control Volume cc07 (or Expression cc11) and set Tones 1&2 to 0, modulating to 127, and then 3&4 to 127 modulating to 0.

I'm sure it's as straight forward on the Fantom, but I can't work it out.
Has anyone done this already? Any help gratefully received!

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Andy Keys
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Re: Control Pedal to Morph between Two Sounds

Postby piaknowguy » 22:36, 27 February 2017

Hey Andy!

I"m not near the board right now but I have done this between 2 patches before.
I would copy tones 1 and 2 to 1 USER patch and tones 3 and 4 to a second USER patch and go from there.

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Re: Control Pedal to Morph between Two Sounds

Postby rcraven » 23:21, 27 February 2017

Hi Andy,
Adding to piaknowguy, go to the Matrix Control and set an input to an unused CC.
Destination is LEVEL, Tone 1&2 are ON and Tone 3&4 are REV and adjust SENS to full (or -ve full if it xfades the wrong way).
Menu button - Pedal/DBeam set the Continuous Pedal to the above CC.

All the best
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