Fantom-X patch edit help

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Fantom-X patch edit help

Postby Kingy75 » 07:25, 13 April 2017

Hi guys,

There's a particular string patch on my Fantom-X6 that has a slight volume swell on sustained/held notes that I'd like to remove i.e. I don't want the volume swell in there - but I'm not sure which parameter to adjust to remove it. Can anyone help, please?

Many thanks,
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Re: Fantom-X patch edit help

Postby gcoudert67 » 22:35, 13 April 2017

TVA Env. Check the envelope settings. Attack and Decay will be the main culprits.
If you're still stuck and the sound is a preset, let me know which one it is and I'll help.
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