USB port damaged

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USB port damaged

Postby Garryk » 12:13, 20 April 2017

Hi all

Im Garry. I buy keyboards as repair/spares with the intention of repairing and servicing to get them back to working order. I have an X6 that i bought off ebay and it was completely dead. The only thing working was the backlight on the LCD display. I thought i ought to post a caution about using the USB port on X6/7/8 boards.
The area around the USB socket on the main PCB had been damaged and it was obvious that the resistors and capacitors were blackened. I removed these components from the PCB but still no go. I then removed the USB controller chip off the PCB and then powered up the board. The X6 sprung back to life with all functions working apart from, of course, the USB. Guys be careful what you plug into the USB port. My guess is that the previous owner had plugged in a powered USB hub to the X6 and this put voltage into the X6 and damaged it
Im sure there must be other keyboards at risk from this type of damage
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