Changing XR performances with MIDI pads

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Changing XR performances with MIDI pads

Postby craigb » 13:12, 15 May 2017

Hi guys,

First of all, excuse my lack of knowledge where MIDI is concerned...

I've just bought a Fantom XR (arriving tomorrow) which I'm going to control with my Nord Stage to play live with my band to provide the piano / e piano type sounds. I might typically make about 10-12 different performances. I'm just wondering of the best / quickest way to be able to move between these without constantly bending down between songs to change performances on the unit itself.

So my question is if I bought something like an Akai MPD32 I should be able to assign the pads to change between the performances, right? ie. I hit pad 1, it calls up Performance 1 on the XR, Pad 2 = Performance 2 etc(?)

How about the sliders on the MDP? Presuming I can assign the right control messages to them, could I use them to change the volume of parts within a performance? I'm thinking if I layer some strings on part 5 for example, I would want to move slider 5 to turn up the strings for verse 2.

Anyone with an XR do anything like this? What do you use?


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Re: Changing XR performances with MIDI pads

Postby rcraven » 00:57, 16 May 2017

Hi Craig,
you can change Performances with system exclusive messages (sysex) or with a patch change messages that are on the Performance Channel (usually 16).

Most controllers will be able to send patch change on the correct Midi channel.
Not as many controllers can send sysex (Behringer BCR2000 or BCF2000 can)so if you want to go that way you will have to check that the controller is capable of sending sysex.

You really only have to use sysex if you are using all 16 channels in the Performance.

All the best
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