Sustain problem with Juno Stage

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Sustain problem with Juno Stage

Postby Ramzesdidi » 09:06, 17 January 2017

I bought my first Juno Stage yesterday and found a problem. I have two sustain pedals with different polarities, so I tried both of them (insert into Hold, right?). After I disconnected the pedals, the keyboard continued to sustain for a while. Sometimes it stopped and then it was beginning to sustain again (with pedals disconnected).

Is this some kind of a short reaction of the keyboard to the pedals with different polarities or is this a more serious problem?

Thank you
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Re: Sustain problem with Juno Stage

Postby QmusicRAZZ » 01:41, 26 January 2017

It is probably a quirk in the Juno Stage. That board had some weird issues throughout it's run. There is probably steps you can take to make it the same every time.
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