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SRX-98 works on Juno Stage

Postby JD Kross » 05:17, 17 January 2014

I got my SRX 98 yesterday hoping it will work... and it did. I just thought of letting you know just in case you're wanting to buy it.
JD Kross
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Re: SRX-98 works on Juno Stage

Postby MartyM » 12:16, 22 January 2014

Cool, how do you like the sounds ?
I have the SRX07 in mine which is a very nice set and adds really well to the basic Stage soundest.
Also I must say that I really like the Stage's keybed, one of the better "non weighted" versions around.
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Re: SRX-98 works on Juno Stage

Postby oliv928 » 09:46, 25 April 2015

interesting thread
I am wondering now which srx can add valuable sounds. In other thread, people usually say that SRX do not provide better patchs because JS has build in basically the best in every styles.
I would like to have better EPs (Rhodes, Wurly) and B organs.
I am watching on SRX 07, 12 and maybe 98
It is a shame that equivalent of SRJV vintage keyboards is not existing in SRX
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Re: SRX-98 works on Juno Stage

Postby Martijn » 15:31, 27 April 2015

SRX-07 is the board that contains the SR-JV80-boards you mention. I have it installed in the Juno Stage (I also have SR-JV80-08 installed in my XP-30) and it really adds some nice waveforms to the Juno Stage in my opinion.
[From the Roland website]:
The SRX-07 Ultimate Keys Wave Expansion Board offers an inspiring collection of keyboard sounds and loops. This coveted card contains all the waveforms from Roland’s popular SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth, SR-JV80-08 Keyboards of the ‘60s & ‘70s, and SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drums, plus selected waves from SR-JV80-09 Session and SR-JV80-03 Piano. There are approximately 300 Patches and 10 Rhythm Sets onboard.

Have a look here for some good audio demonstrations:

IMHO the onboard EP's are better than on the SRX-07, and many users agree on that, but it's nice to have some variations.
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Re: SRX-98 works on Juno Stage

Postby jalbert » 01:50, 28 April 2015

@Oliv928, do you have a Juno Stage owner's manual? if not, download one from Roland.

Go to the back and look at the patch list. You will find DBar01 through DBar21. Go to page 171 where you will find an effect called "Rotary". This is the digital Leslie effect and is turned off on the DBar patches. You will want to pick out some of those organs and turn on the leslie effect, and save as user patches. There are various parameters with the Rotary effect with which you can experiment. Nothing on the SRX cards will provide a superior B3 sound than those, although you might find some that are as good. 60's Organ 2 is also great.

Then look at the EP patches. You will find Rhodes (Pure EP and Tremolo EP), Wurly's, Clav's, and FM EPs. Try them out, and maybe adjust reverb to your taste. I used Tremolo EP for Rhodes solos, and Pure EP for a Rhodes sound that had to compete with the rhythm guitar to cut through a mix, I also used FM-777 and a couple of the Clav patches for tonal variety.

Don't just press the EP or organ button and cycle through the ones mapped to the patch selection wheel-- there are many interesting patches not included there, although I think Tremolo EP and 60's Organ 2 are mapped.

Aside from output level issues and sound quality on patches needing lots of high frequency bandwidth, my main complaint with the JS is Roland just threw in a large set of patches from their library with little attempt to edit the patches, fine tune the sound etc., but once you go through them and find ones that work well and map them to Favorites buttons, the keyboard becomes a very flexible, customizable stage keyboard.

I did find that some piano patches were good on the low and and midrange and a few were good on the high end, so what I did for piano was to do a split keyboard and use one patch above a certain note and a second patch from that point down. I don't remember which pianos I used, but you can try them out and find ones that fit seamlessly.
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Re: SRX-98 works on Juno Stage

Postby oliv928 » 22:43, 28 April 2015

thank You Martjin and Jalbert !
Your posts are very usefull to me
Yes i have found the D bar (presets 935,...) and I have ad rotary, and it is very good souding. I am trying now to affect countrolers to speed, to have live control of that parameter...
Why the hell aren't these sounds registered as organs. so strange ?
Concerning pianos : I like the large choice. I like the German patch. I have tweaked it a little bit. We should exchange files. I am very interesting by Your tweaked piano performance...
My email is : ( I don't know if We can exchange email adress here...)
For 70s EPs, You are right : We must look deeper on what is existing and tweak effects on it.
Thank You again
I am happy to see that some musician are still using this very good JS and trying to improve the use of it.
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