Without the Wireless adapter, easiest way to record

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Without the Wireless adapter, easiest way to record

Postby flyingace » 17:49, 17 January 2015

I love the Stage and I'm glad I got another one. The Jupiter 80 is still my #1 but the Stage is just so accessible, I see myself sitting down to it more often and writing, then I go to the JP80 to use the wireless adapter and Air Recorder iOS software to quickly record ideas.

I'd like to put the Stage in another room, our living room, for everyone's enjoyment and the ability to hook up my iPhone 6 or daughter's iPhone 5 quickly, yet still have the sound go to the PA at the same time.

POSSIBLE? how? what do I need to buy? Looking for the easiest solution so that it will be easy for my daughter too.

Thanks all!
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