preamp quality and comparison

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preamp quality and comparison

Postby oliv928 » 18:30, 23 May 2015

I wonder a lot about the quality / performance of the synth% other models and competitors. Let me explain my headache for months / years: to find a synth that, besides being lightweight, having 76touches pleasant to play, be ergonomic, well drilled by repeating and on stage to play in my pop rock group (2gtrs, bass, drums, vocals). Incidentally, I do not control the mixing desk and the amp sound that is lent me every time. This is often the low-end (behringer first prize). I put a note to all my keyboards tested:
ALESIS FUSION: 7/10, Roland Fantom FA76: 9/10, yam mox61: 3/10, ROLAND XP30: 7, and finally the JUNO STAGE: 6. For the internship is provisional because two rpeter for now .
For the FA76, I put a good score because the other musicians in the group have said spontaneously: Super your new synth sounds are clear, precise, pêchus!
Unfortunately, the FA is too heavy, I took him over ... He would 10KG less, I would have passed.
So ... I wonder if the quality of the preamp converters and Juno are up.
For sounds, I think the two machines are very similar: FANTOM series, SRX ...
With no mixing desk at home, I can not get into a comparative home
On forum Rolandclan US, there is a subject on its output level: in short, it says that the level is very low (about 0 dB), if up (to 8, 12 dB) sound to clipe Death: I confirm, I tried. Should we add a DI box to take up the signal?
Here, the subject is launched. In any case, the JS has plenty of qualities, that is why I want to dig this question to get the best of it.
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Re: preamp quality and comparison

Postby oliv928 » 22:42, 2 June 2015

after some expermientations of mix in a rock song with the embedded audio player, I would say that the patches lack compression.Then Juno sounds lack presence in the mix. My use is : rock band, in poor studios with low price mixing tables.
So many solutions as possible: move the favorite patches in Performance and apply a compressor over MFX who does very well his office. otherwise re tinkering patch in its speed curve by increasing the volume of low velocity units, so the volume of all patches is increasing too, as it is often set too low. Otherwise it would change the general parameter of Velocity response curve of the keyboard, but not obvious. Afterwards, there was also the solution of hard exterior compressor, which gives the advantage to choose a lamp model that can color the EP sounds with adjustable distortion at strong velocities. Disadvantage: still a buy, and son of an electrical power supply and more.
That is my first conclusion.
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