Hi guys! I got some new Rolands!

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Hi guys! I got some new Rolands!

Postby Randy0Marsh » 05:36, 12 July 2015

2001 ROLAND KR-5 Electric piano in oak wood finish
and 2004? ROLAND Juno Stage.

I have a small home recording studio I've been working on a while and these are a welcome addition!! Figured I'd start out in the Juno-Stage area because i just go that one.
1. Seems like a really nice MIDI controller, yes or no?
2. Any idea what I should focus on with it NOT as a midi device? I'm working on like some instrumental type of triphop stuff, and I'm mainly using the JUNO for the Synth and percussion, and the other KR-5 for any "keys" type sounds besides synth, also using that for Bass.
3. This thing is amazing, does anyone have some guides, or places for me to start? It's a little intimidating. I've been just floating around figuring out how to navigate :)

Thanks for any answers, I totally appreciate it!
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Re: Hi guys! I got some new Rolands!

Postby cecchino » 20:25, 12 July 2015

Welcome here, Randy :)
First of all, the good news: Juno Stage is out since 2008, so your keyboard is newer than you thought :D
I've tried my JS as a master in two configurations: with Main Stage as the sound module, and with a Kurzweil PC3K as a slave. What is (in my humble opinion) limiting (I'm talking about the MIDI controller mode) is the fact you may assign any "role" (CC) to the knobs on the right of the screen but the same is not possible (or not easy) to do the same for the pedals, and the D-Beam and switches do not work.
Anyway, the manual is a good start point to learn about the JS, you will find it on the Roland US site ;)
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