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Master EQ Noise, Help

Postby Ralph1983 » 21:25, 19 February 2016

Hi guys

I noticed that when i play on my Stage and move left/right my low and high knobs i hear some noise clicks pops. Is this normal ?? i updated the os to the new verion 1.05 - and this didn't solved the problem. I Also hear the noises when playing mp3 and change the knobs


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Re: Master EQ Noise, Help

Postby Martijn » 21:33, 9 May 2016

Hi Ralph,

I checked and I can hear the noise too, although at a very low level. So this is not a defect in your synth. I think it is due to abruptly switching EQ levels from one to another as it only can be set to 31 different levels. Every step up or down results in a sort of soft click. I must say I only use the EQ knobs when I use headphones and then I only adjust them after startup and never change them. I never noticed the noise before and honestly to me it's not a problem.
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