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AX Synth vs Lucina AX-09

Postby abdelmatin » 07:00, 4 May 2010

Dear all, can anyone tell which one is better, AX-Synth or Lucina AX-09?
I'm planning to buy one of these 2 shoulder synth.

I've tried the AX-Synth @ the local store for a very short time. From what I felt on trial and also from what I saw in a video on youtube, I think patch/tone changing is gonna be a problem because the knobs are located at the panel above the keys. It is not easy to reach the knobs with left hand. Maybe there's an alternative to overcome this matter by using pedal to select patch up/down? The 4 octaves keytar size also quite big for people under 5 feet in height. However the sounds are awesome, so thick & rich, ideal for lead. I've ordered this synth but have to wait for few months ahead. The dealer said that there's only few units available for my country, and sold out immediately.

Few days ago, I just saw Lucina promotional items. I thought it was made for children, but when I saw the demo video, it showed a good sound and action for such a compact synth. The tone knobs are located below the keys which is easier to reach and the keys range only 3 octaves, so it won't be looking too big for children. I see the same polyphony of 128 in both keytars, but huge different in price, due to available sounds and controllers.

I've been wondering why this AX-Synth lack of availability especially in my country; is it because of restricted country quota due to over demand around the world, or is it because of limited production capacity, or maybe is it because Roland's intention to replace by new model (Lucina)? If Lucina replaces AX-Synth, then what's wrong with AX-Synth? Why there's no Black AX-Synth available, while Roland introduces the black model of Lucina from the beginning? Is Lucina made for children?

Finally, if there's anybody can help me to recommend which one of those keytar is most suited for me. I used to play cover songs from 80s metal band, but my band only have one guitarist, so I need a keytar that will help me to perform many type of distorted guitar sounds to replace the position of the second guitarist, as well as, being a synth player to enrich the band's sound. Especially needs more info of Lucina advantage. I currently use Juno-G and Korg R3 for my live sound set. Highly appreciate your comments about this.

Many thanks and best wishes,
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Re: AX Synth vs Lucina AX-09

Postby abdelmatin » 11:08, 11 May 2010

Yesterday I've got my AX-Synth after waiting more than 6 months. I don't think my previous questions are necessary now.
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Re: AX Synth vs Lucina AX-09

Postby pepe » 22:49, 23 February 2012




Hello! after this time, culture is your conclusion? penalty rises worth buying the ax? I like the guitar, but I'm keyboardist, can give strength and feeling like a guitar?

has accompanying rhythms? you can add new sounds? has acoustic guitar sound as well?

thanks for your opinion!
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