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Re: AX-Synth Strap locks

Postby hugorock » 22:38, 29 January 2013

Hey guys- few steps behind...

I got the case open, and I see the nuts for the strap buttons on the inside. Im using pliers to hold onto the nut while holding the button with my other hand but I'm getting nowhere. Something I'm missing here?
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Re: AX-Synth Strap locks

Postby fivehole » 18:28, 31 January 2013

davewatkin wrote:just use the red rubber washers off the tops of bottles of Grolsch lager - work an absolute treat, and look kinda cool on the old AX Synth! (plus - you get to have a couple of bottles of beer in the process). A guitarist friend of mine told me to try them... I've got dozens of spares now (what can I say - I like beer!!) lol

Seconded. I'm using the Grolsch rubber washers on my Ax and on my bass. They work great, cheaper than "strap locks" and are really easy to install.
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Re: AX-Synth Strap locks

Postby AxeHole » 04:20, 14 March 2015

Hiya.. late to the game here, just bought a new (used) Axe-Synth and have to say I'm very impressed after the first hour walking around my house and yard playing it with with headphones on! Some great patches on there. Anyone got a good patch suggestion for Edgar Winter's Frankenstein?

Anyway- Strap locks! First thing I did when I got it (knowing I was gonna be throwing this thing around on-stage) was get a pair of Schallers which were the brand suggestion of a gee-tar playing friend of mine. To reply to prior posts the Schaller locks do NOT fit on the stock strap buttons. The Axe-Synth's strap buttons are held in by teeny little nylock nuts internally, so when you try to simply unscrew them from the outside, they will just spin.

The ONLY way to replace them is to open up the board, which I did after some rapid soul searching...did I want to possibly break my new board before I'd really even played it!? Good news, it's pretty straightforward. Simply flip it over onto a towel or padding, unscrew every screw around the PERIMETER (not any in the middle) and the handle... take the volume and mod dials off with a knife or small screwdriver (they pop right off)...flip it over, then GENTLY open the case from the front while it's laying on its back. Protip: a magnetically charged screwdriver makes it far easier to remove all the little screws..and Kudos to Roland, all the screws holding the back and front together are the same size.

Now, once you have the case cracked, you can simply prop the halves apart (there are still wires and ribbon cables connecting the two halves but I didn't need to take any of them free to do what I needed to as they leave you an inch or so of room to play in as long as you are careful).

Then simply put a nut driver or small wrench over the Nylock nut, use a Phillips screwdriver to spin the old screw out, replace the button with the new strap locks, carefully align the two sides back together, press closed, re-screw all 20 or so screws and... done!

It took me about an hour to do the whole operation, going very slowly and carefully. Putting it back together took 10 minutes.
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Re: AX-Synth Strap locks

Postby keysmcgee » 18:41, 3 June 2015

Dumb question - did you reuse the nylock nut with the new strap locks?
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