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Customized Ax Synth

Postby Henrik » 02:46, 1 May 2011

Yesterday I saw this on youtube:

I´ve been thinking about customizing my ax synth too. It's just so white and boring...
I mean... Keytars are either too hardcore (sonata arctica) or too corny (the eighties, man, the eighties). And as I´m in a band that plays rock covers of Mercedes Sosa, I might as well go with corny allready..

So, what kind of paint should I use? And colors? Any ideas? =)
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Re: Customized Ax Synth

Postby Tuomas Easton » 17:51, 7 April 2014

Sonata Arctica is 'too hardcore'?! that dude is amazing!

I have a few customized keytars. I found it's best to use a light-grit sand paper on the plastic, then a clear-primer (they make them from plastic specifically) which allows the paint to stick better.I am partial to flat-colors vs glossy..but that's your call. Painters tape/stencils can allow for cool designs with multiple colors.Here is my Ax-7 that I USSR-themed.

I mounted a MidiJet Pro wireless transmitter on the front (you can see the transmitter antenna).


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