Internal Sounds / Midi -> How do I switch?

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Internal Sounds / Midi -> How do I switch?

Postby skacma » 19:49, 1 June 2013

Hey guys

I want to buy a Roland AX-Synth, and I'm interested in one thing.
While playing I want to use the internal sounds, but sometimes the sounds of other instruments via MIDI.

It is possible to use separate internal sounds or midi, without having to disconnect the midi cable? When I connect the midi cable, so they will always play sounds selected via MIDI, or do I always disconnect the midi cable if I want to use the internal sounds? Or do I need to switch to the AX-Synth, when I use only sounds via midi?

Thanks for all the answers

(Sorry for my English)

Martin Skácel (Czech Republic)
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Re: Internal Sounds / Midi -> How do I switch?

Postby Tuomas Easton » 19:52, 27 May 2014

I just got the Ax-09 Lucina, which seems like just a smaller version of the new full-sized AX synth. I don't think there is a way to switch between on-board sounds and midi, at least not without some other form of controller.

you could use a midi switch pedal to map to different channels (sounds, vsts, etc) that solo/muted each track, and add a blank channel to solo when you want to use the onboard sounds. You could use the volume control on the AX synth as an on/off for the onboard sounds.

Granted, you'd also need to run audio cables as well as midi cables.. which might get really bulky and annoying.

I'd recommend just using it as a MIDI controller only. IF you're really set on the onboard sounds, you can get easily get a roland VST or secondary keyboard that has the same sounds, since they only include their common sounds on that keyboard.

-Tuomas Easton
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Tuomas Easton
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