Best way to get into MIDI for the first time...

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Best way to get into MIDI for the first time...

Postby capnstoobie » 07:32, 22 January 2014

I've had my AX Synth for a while now but so far I've only used the onboard sounds. I feel like I need to progress to the next level which most probably means moving to MIDI.

Can someone recommend an entry level way to get into MIDI? I have done a little Googling and the MIDI instruments and software can be very expensive. I don't want to spend a fortune when I'm not sure if I will definitely go down the MIDI route. What I am looking for is free/demo software for Windows to control the MIDI setup, and obviously some MIDI instruments to actually play.

Ultimately it will be used for live gigs, so I need something that allows me to set up settings for each song in our setlist, so that I can quickly move from song to song with all the correct settings in place.

I know about wireless MIDI, but while I'm evaluating the MIDI option I will just be using a MIDI cable plugged into a desktop PC.
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