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Ax-synth accordion patches

Postby captainhellfire » 16:15, 27 April 2016

This is my first post so hello everyone!

I found a long dead link for accordion patches for the ax-synth from the romanian branch of roland (now i think roland eastern europe?).

I'm in the process of deciding whether i get an ax-synth or not and the lack of an accordion sound is really holding me back from it. I love pirate music so itd be just about useless to me without one.

So i was wondering does anyone have access to these patches and could they send us a link to download them?

You'd basically be creating a new budding keytarist if you did and links to any other sounds that may come in handy making swashbuckling music would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance mateys!
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Re: Ax-synth accordion patches

Postby fuzztone » 06:14, 6 November 2016

If they're named like VAMPYRU etc, yes I d/l'ed a couple of years back. There's not much available from my searches, but I'm happy to share. Some of them are good. I trust you will be editing them on your computer.
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