AX-09 Midi Controller Issues in Reaper

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AX-09 Midi Controller Issues in Reaper

Postby ScaryKeytar » 21:00, 13 June 2017

I recently purchased a Roland Lucina to run through Reaper. My Vortex is breaking down, and my RK is due to be on backorder for at least a few more months (we can call it a year to be safe with the optimism I'm feeling). So instead of buying a new Vortex I bought a Lucina, which I have aways had a little bit of a keytar crush on.
The problem I am running into is I can't figure out how to change the commands the Lucina sends so I can assign track arm changes in Reaper. Which it changes the track arms just fine, but it also sends an midi channel change attached which resets some of my vsti stuff, which in turn resets my sounds to all default and just churns out fuzzy garbage. I am using the exact Reaper set up as I did with every other Midi controller I have owned and this is the first time I have experience and issue.
Is there a known/viable workaround for this or am I missing the mark entirely?
It looks like the Lucina is being listed by Reaper as sending a Midi PC command and a Midi Channel command.
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