Difference between DI and Digital Piano

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Difference between DI and Digital Piano

Postby OhioBuckeye » 15:52, 17 December 2010


As I've continued to practice I definitely have found that my taste for listening and playing is definitely gravitating towards Piano sounds. There are artists like David Nevue for example that I think are incredible. I guess the genre would be called contemporary piano.

Anyhow I have my Juno DI which I love but I'm wondering how important it may be to get a piano key action if I intend to go that route. I've heard some Juno DI piano playing on You Tube it sounds pretty damn good actually. And to be honest I'm probably a couple years away before it would matter much.

But do think it's important to start playing with a piano action if that's the route I intend to go?


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