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What music apps/hardware do you use for your touch device?

PostPosted: 16:32, 27 December 2011
by Synthtron
With numerous music making apps and more hardware popping up, I am curious to see what y'all are actually using on your iPads and iPods.
I am still in the process of integrating these devices and apps into my music work flow. I use the following connected to my Fantom X6.
-iPad 2
Hardware: Alesis iO Dock
Hardware: Line 6 MIDi mobilizer II

Apps I have kept:
Fairlight (wish it had better MIDI implementation though)
Genome Midi sequencer
Synthstation ( is the one I saw at Namm available for iPad yet? The one with many functions on the screen at once)

I hope Roland will add something useful soon.

Re: What music apps/hardware do you use for your touch devic

PostPosted: 21:25, 27 December 2011
by flyingace
I'm in the process of trying to upgrade my audio interface with something that will act as a control surface as well. How do you like the Alesis IO Dock?

I don't yet have an iPad but will be getting one eventually. Before I spend $400-900 on a control surface/interface, this one caught my eye as a potential solution.

In answer to your original question:
iPhone 4:
Akai Synthstation 25
Akai Synthstation App
50 in 1 piano

Yes it's a shame roland and korg both haven't stepped up their iOS presence!

Re: What music apps/hardware do you use for your touch devic

PostPosted: 05:39, 28 December 2011
by Synthtron
I actually like the iO Dock. It gives the iPad more of a musical instrument feel. This is because I output my audio from the iO Dock and run MIDI into it to control it, so it is like a sound module with a touch screen now. I ditched my DAW and got the iPad and iO Dock because they make synth apps more tangible and tactile to me than using my computer ever did. Then again I am way more into hardware than software synths. The only thing that is a hassle is that when there are updates from Apple, third party software developers and Alesis these updates can cause problems because of compatibility issues and bugs that require more updates to remedy.
I feel it is a good time to go this direction and do look forward to doing more DAW like things as they become available in the future (GarageBand is a fun app but way too limited as far as tracks and editing go).

About Korg and Roland, it would be really awesome if they would create apps of their classic digital synths like the D-50 or Wavestation.

Re: What music apps/hardware do you use for your touch devic

PostPosted: 16:11, 28 December 2011
by EJ2
I have to agree the iO Dock Pro is very cool. I just picked mine up yesterday and had it up and running as soon as I plugged everything in. The first app I tested was Sunrizer - amazing.

My iPad 2 is loaded with music apps and dedicated for that purpose. With the iO Dock, it seems like I have another workstation. More experiments coming up.