Samsung and Apple: The winning side

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Samsung and Apple: The winning side

Postby kevinwhite » 09:50, 13 December 2013

Samsung and Apple are at it again in court battles all over the world. With
Apple’s claims that Samsung has stolen patented technology and Samsung
claiming Apple is lying and has actually stolen some of the Samsung
technology, the battles just keep on going. In fact, Samsung has tried to
get Apple banned from its home country recently. That may not have gone as
well as planned.

Getting Apple kicked out of South Korea

South Korea is the home country for Samsung, which is why the cell phone
manufacturer though it had a shot trying to get Apple products banned.
Samsung thought South Korea would see its side of the argument and
recognize Apple stole a bunch of its technology in recent years. And
Samsung wasn’t just going after iPhones. It tried to get all products
banned that may have infringed on Samsung’s technology, including iPhones,
iPads, and iPods. The court wasn’t going to give in that easy though. It
turns out Apple will be able to keep selling in South Korea for now. That
doesn’t mean Samsung won’t keep trying though.

Samsung not happy about it

A spokesperson from Samsung explained that they are very disappointed in
this decision, according to PC Magazine. She said, “As Apple has continued
to infringe our patented mobile technologies, we will continue to take the
measures necessary to protect our intellectual property rights.” It seems
Samsung has been losing a lot of court battles with Apple lately and has
even had to pay out settlements to Apple in the last year on multiple
occasions. Yet, the fight for who should be on top continues.

Will it ever end?

You might be thinking to yourself that all this fighting in court is
getting them nowhere. Apple and Samsung are not any better off after the
legal battles. One wins, and the other wins, and they just keep going to
court over every little legality. Is it even worth it? Well, the truth is
that neither of them will ever stop. If Apple decides to stop, they will
just get sued into the ground by Samsung, and vice versa. The only way to
really stop fighting over everything like this in court is to have both
companies decide to stop at the same time. And we all know that is unlikely.

Meanwhile in the States…

Meanwhile, back here in the states, the people don’t even care about the
legal fights anymore. There was a time when people got more involved and
were interested, but now it has just become the same old tune. People
buying their smartphones can still choose between Samsung and Apple for
their devices. And that is exactly what we want. We like being able to
choose despite the fight Apple and Samsung are constantly dealing with. And
the best part of the options here? We can even get the new Apple iPhone at
Walmart without a contract, according to the Huffington Post. You can have
your cake and eat it too, and that’s what being American is all about.

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