Changing data on the A-37 via MIDI (from an iPad Air)

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Changing data on the A-37 via MIDI (from an iPad Air)

Postby DarthMarklar » 22:39, 9 April 2014

Hi All, let me start by running down the backstory first....

My Gear:
- Proteus 2000 Sound Module (set to MIDI Ch. 1)
- Roland VX-5080 Sound Module (set to MIDI Ch. 2)
- Roland A-37 Midi Controller with Midi Ch. 1 set to the UPPER Layer and Midi Ch. 2 set to the LOWER Layer.

Backstory: I just purchased a new iPad Air and was hoping there was a way to use it to send midi messages to my sound modules. I found this wonderful app: ... /home.html which sounds like it would be a great way to send midi changes to my sound modules with a simple touch of the screen. The only problem I would run into is; I have some songs where I use both UPPER and LOWER together (i.e. by pressing both Mode buttons together).

So my question is; Can I send a message over MIDI that will change the Keyboard Mode information? ... I also have a couple songs where I split the keyboard so that the upper half is one midi channel and the lower half is the other. I'd really love to have this app make all of the changes for me during a live performance.

I got into researching MIDI Dump functions, which sounds like it may be possible to send raw midi data (which the aforementioned app does) to the A-37 and *possibly* send the changes I require, but I am not familiar with this kind of programming at all.

Any ideas? Advice?

Again, I'm looking to just send patch info to Midi Ch. 1 & 2 (which sounds easy enough), along with Split Information and Keyboard Mode information (i.e. UPPER/LOWER Layer buttons) to the A-37.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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Re: Changing data on the A-37 via MIDI (from an iPad Air)

Postby DarthMarklar » 19:16, 18 May 2014

UPDATE: I purchased all of the necessary equipment to perform some of the stuff I want to do. The iPad app will now change both of my sound modules, but I still haven't been able to figure out if it's possible to use MIDI to change the "Upper", "Lower", and "Split" buttons on the A-37 keyboard controller.

I've yet to find and answer. The application offers SYSEX messages, but I don't really understand it; nor do I know if it's possible to do what I want it to do.

Any ideas? Thank you
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