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What to do after buying Apple Watch

Postby goldenking321 » 10:11, 26 May 2015

Use Apple Watch the effect after purchase

The smart brand of Apple has officially been sold and was initially created to be great feedback from the users. Many people are also optimistic that the presence of the smart meter house brand Apples will restart the smartwatch markets which were unsuccessful. If you currently own an Apple Watch, these things should do after buying Apple Watch will help you effectively use and secure more equipment.

1. Connect the Apple Watch with iPhone

-Apple Watch are born is to connect with the iPhone and the fact that only when connected to the iPhone, this new smart watch can demonstrate all the advantages of it. Therefore, as soon as they have owned a watch Apple's smart, you need to make the connection between the clock with your device right away.

Connect Apple Watch with the iPhone as soon as they start to use

-There are many ways you can make the connection between two devices using the iPhone's camera or simply launch the application Apple Watch on iPhone. You only need to access the main interface of the iPhone, select Apple Watch, then select my clocks My Watch, click Start, and then select Pairing Pair Apple Watch Manually. Finally select the name of your clock on the Apple screen Watch and then make the connection is finished.

2. check the Apple warranty Watch

-Costs for warranty repair Apple Watch is very expensive. Therefore, you need a special note to this information when buying watches. Apple limited warranty period for the device is 12 months on condition that the original manufacturer's stamp, errors of the machine due to factors from the manufacturer, not during use due to user fault cause.

Enter the IMEI number to check the warranty period on Apple Watch

-Check the warranty period Apple Watch right after buying about by visiting the https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do website, enter the IMEI of the device (right in the back of the clock), and then click Continue. The system will tell you the information about the product, the warranty period the product is off, how many days, etc.

3. check the physical press on Apple Watch

-On the device, the manufacturer has fitted the hard keys help users adjust, manipulation easily and quickly as possible. Apple Watch is equipped with a Digital key Crown circles, is turning the knob of the clock which perform tuning tasks.

Check out physical press on Apple Watch

-The bottom Digital Crown is also known as a long button Side Button, which lets you do reset the clock, or is used in parallel with push button Digital Crown to perform complex tasks.

4. Set the password for Apple Watch

-To guarantee the confidentiality, the better off you set passwords for the clock. By knowing where someone will use Apple Watch to use information from the iPhone you own.

-You only need to Watch the Apple on the iPhone, then select the password Passcode, click Turn Passcode on to turn the password on the clock. Then click the password you want to set for the clock and validation is done. When you remove the clock from the hands and like to wear back then need to enter your password to access the application on Apple Watch

Basically, use Apple Watch will cause you to have time to get used, and will draw the experience. If you had bought Apple Watch and have done things on it so check back to the process of using smoothly and efficiently.
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